Equality for 1.3 billion people

On the occasion of the 30 years anniversary of the registered partnership the LGBT committee publish an interactive dashboard for exploring the development of legal recognition of same-sex relations around the world.

30 years after the historical event in Copenhagen 1.3 billion people now live in jurisdictions recognising same-sex relations. Activists and lobbyists chose different approaches to get there, approaches we can see in the data. We celebrate the massive efforts by these agents of change to achieve all of this.

So don’t hesitate – jump to our viz and check out how they all came onboard – European nations, the Bailiwicks of the Crown Dependencies, counties in Brazil, US states, Native American tribes, Canadian territories, South Africa, Taiwan and all the others. We’re all in it together.

Click the picture below and you will be taken to the Tableau-server which hosts the viz. Be patient – it will take a few seconds to open.